Founders - C.V. Whitney, Ilia Tolstoy ( grandson of Count Leo Tolstoy ) and W. Douglas Burden (grandson of Commodore Vanderbilt )

Financing - Read about the problems trying to get financing during the depression

Construction Begins - Read about the construction of this world's first oceanarium

Opening Day - Read about opening won't believe it !

Bringing The Sea Ashore - Read about how the first specimens were captured and the special boat designed just for the purpose of bringing the sea ashore

The Adventures Of Butch The Sea Lion - Laugh as you read about the adventures of Butch the sea lion

WWII - Strange Scientific Projects: Shark Repellent - Learn about the development of a shark repellent during WW II

The First Live Porpoise Birth - Learn about porpoises and their young and why they have their babies tail first

Training The First Porpoise - The Story Of Flippy: Read about training the first porpoise Flippy

Can An Octopus Be Trained ? - Read about training the first octopus

The Harvest Of The Beau Gregory - Restocking After The War - Marineland re-opens after the war and must be about a giant sawfish

The Amazon Fresh Water Porpoise Exhibit - Learn About Fresh Water Porpoises From Peru

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