Photos: Original Construction Photo From 1937 & Photo of the original porpoise trainer Andre Cowan: Historic Marineland Photos

Photos: New Photos added of Greg Masters, Steve Sears, Mitch Lightsey and Jerry Foreman : Historic Marineland Photos

Photos of Marineland of Florida : That without fanfare has been razed to the ground. It is sad to those of us who loved Marineland and old Florida attractions ! Please scroll down for links to many more historic photos , a history of the park , visitor's memories and much more

Former Rectangular Tank With Portholes

Former Circular Tank

Former Amazon Porpoise Exhibit

Former Dolphin Restaurant

Another Pix Of The Former Circular Tank

Dolphin Wall From the 1960s

Seeing old Marineland get torn down really hurts. It falls into the same hurt as seeing Epcot lose its best attractions, I was there one day one in '82. It is the same hurt I felt when they took out 20 thousand leagues under the sea at disney. Because now, all of those places are just memories. Those places are gone forever only to be remembered in my thoughts. The loss of Marineland really made me cry. It seems like it wasn't so long ago, when me and my dad stood at the gates.While my mom took a polaroid of us that day. I accept that in time, all things must change. but sometimes, just sometimes, the memories bring many tears. - Visitor's Memory

What are the Marine Studios ? What is the difference between this enterprise and any other oceanarium?

The difference lies in the fact that at Marine Studios marine life is not segregated by species, but placed together as it exists in the open sea!

Porpoises, rays, giant sharks, turtles, reef and tropical fish parade in bright review. In one end of the huge rectangular oceanarium over seven tons of coral, sea fans and plumes duplicate a coral reef. Here gay little tropical fish, sporting every color of the rainbow, find protection from their predatory enemies. In the center of the large tank, resting forlornly on the sand-covered bottom, lie the remains of a sunken ship-its barnacled ribs and bowsprit offering shelter for sheepshead, grouper, and drum.

At many intervals during the day, the Martian figure of a diver may be seen as he walks in "slow motion" on the floor of the oceanariums. Great schools of small fish cluster about as he scatters scraps of food for them. Huge porpoises barrel roll down from the surface, accepting gingerly a fish from his outstretched hand.

The blue green waters, pumped from the ocean at the rate of seven million gallons per day, are iridescent and clear, and the floors of the huge tanks are covered with sand, sea shells and plumes. A 300-pound turtle lumbers lazily over the the coral reef, and from the stern of the shipwreck, the long, sinewy shape of a shark electrifies the scene and many of the smaller fish scuttle for safety. A huge ray flaps his way over the rock gardens while a spotted moray eyes his passage from a safe sanctum in the corral.

Truly at Marine Studios, the ocean floor has been reproduced-on land !

(Copyright, 1948 Marine Studios, Inc.)

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