Double Hurdle Jump By Trained Porpoises



June 23, 1938 the day Marine Studios opened to the public, W. Douglas Burden, C.V. Whitney, and Ilia Tolstoy considered that they had a tolerably good exhibit. They were not really ready to open, but they felt that a few people would not interfere with their struggles to straighten out problems. They had always hoped that offers from motion picture companies would help dispel the specter of enormous operating costs. They thought it possible the revenue from public admissions would help to a degree... But they were confounded by the phenomenon of the twenty-third. Of the twenty thousand people who descended that single day upon the narrow coastal road south of St. Augustine, only the early ones managed to reach the oceanarium. Swarming through the passageways with their cameras, they stood transfixed for hours at every available window space. AS they stared and were stared at by giant groupers and by thousands of other specimens, up the road for miles cars stood bumper to bumper unable to move.

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