1. Nellie story : When I was little, I guess it was about 19 years ago, we had made our normal yearly trip to daytona which included a trip to Marineland. It was after one of Nellie's shows and she had a baby with her and a stupid woman had thrown a plastic beach ball in to Nellie, which of course popped when Nnellie's teeth touched it. No one knew if she had swallowed it or if the baby had swallowed it but its reassuring knowing she is still alive and didn't suffer that fate. It was cool a trainer let us touch her i still remember it to this day. - Angie

2. Nellie story : At the center dolphin tank when there were no shows going on you could throw basketballs with the dolphins. We happened to be there at feeding time and one of the employees allowed my mom and I to walk out a feed them a fish. I swear to this day I could see all the way to the tip of the tail on that animal. - Angie

3. Happy Holidays At Marineland : My husband and I spent many happy holidays at Marineland. We particularly enjoyed the motel, and since my husband was an electronic engineer, and very active, we always requested a particular room, even when he had to do minor repairs.We enjoyed the restaurant and found the whole place charming. We had begun going to Marineland many years ago, and continued taking our two boys, and finally just the two of us again. We particularly liked the privacy of the balconies, but did not like the spotlights on the pools at night, which seemed to attract bugs our way too. It has been many years since we last went down there, and as my husband died last year and the motel is no more, it will live alive and enjoyable in my memories - Katherine

4. Marineland Tradition Story : In my family Marine Land was a kind of tradition. When I was about 9 months old (some 41 years ago, 1960) my mother had her picture taken, holding me, in front of the entrance to the original Marine Land. In 1988 I went, when my oldest was 9 months old, to the exact same spot as in my picture and took a picture of me holding my daughter. It looks almost the same. I mean the background.I have not been able to get back there since then, (moved away) and I really miss it. Please restore it back - Deborah

5. Memories Of The Campground & The Dolphin Restaurant :I've been going to Marineland since I was a kid in the 60's...In the last few years I've been taking my son on Spring Break camping trips to Marineland until a year or two ago...we were at the campground the year they chose to close it on April was so sad...I had hoped to have it become one of my sons great Florida places also...but alas...the forces that be let it fade into sad... We have great memories of the days the Dolphin Restaurant was alive and well...serving great seafood... Now we go to Flagler the State Park...and we always have a sad drive though Marineland on our way down... - Bob From Tennessee

6. Memories Of Marineland : I grew up just north of there in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Florida (about 45 minutes north of Marineland) and my mother took us to Marineland at least 4 times a year. And when in high school I would go with my friends very often. Marineland Beach is incredible. There are miles of coquina on the beach to climb and climb all day long... -Tee

7. Shipwreck Mystery : Great pix on your nostalgia site. I was there as a boy on a family trip I the late 50?sd or early 60?s. Love that aqua and tan color combo you had then ! It was my first introduction to dolphins. We stayed at the Marineland motel and on its beach was a neat shipwreck. Still have slides of that trip and Dad and I on the shipwreck. I drove by the place about three or four years ago. It was late afternoon ? too late to go in. Motel was still there ? looked exactly the same. Questions: Marineland was originally built as film studio, right?? They filmed those Creature/Black Lagoon flicks there, didn?t they? Any other films shot there? What was that shipwreck and whatever happened to it? - Gary

8. We go to Daytona every year and every chance we could we always went to Marineland. My daughter is developmentally delayed and she was not very verbal when she was younger, but she loved dolphins and she would get so excited when she saw them! She is 14 now and she was so disapointed when she did not get to see them this year. But we are looking forward to next year and we all get to see the changes that were made. It is sad that the old had to go but we will make many more memories in the years to come!- Cyndi-Monroe, Ga

9. My parents honeymooned in Florida in 1967, and one of their favorite stops was Marineland. I was introduced to Marineland through old 8mm home movies that my mother took on their honeymoon. They taped everything from the dolphin show to the dog surfing. And, they have a scrapbook that is STILL immaculate with all of their keepsakes. I gained a love of all things old Florida through their memories. Later, when I went to college in Jacksonville, and lived there for 9 years, I unfortunately, had to see the demise of what was a wonderful attraction. And, in 2004, I took my parents to what was left of Marineland (I'm not sure if they had been there since their honeymoon). They were saddened at what it had become, and as we walked through, they pointed out where things were and what it was like. It truly is sad to see its demise as what it was. - Natalie-Greensboro, NC

10. Great and sad website. I wrote a blog about Nellie's birthday just recently and included a link to your site. If you'd like, you can read my blog at the following address:Nellie Blog - Steve-Glendale, CA

11. I was shocked to see the pictures of the destruction of Marineland and saddened. I have wonderful childhood and adult memories of the attraction. One of my fondest memories is of the Amazon river or bolo dolphin exhibit the only time I ever saw these magnificent animals. Richard

12.I visited Marineland in July of 1980 as a 15-year old with my family on a trip down the East Coast. I specifically remember an amazing event from the outdoor dolphin stadium. When they played the basketball game, a hoop was set up at the ocean side of the tank, with a couple of dolphins practicing “shots” into the basket. However, one particular dolphin unexpectedly smacked the ball with her tail and it literally sailed right out of the stadium out onto the beach. An employee went wading out after the basketball to retrieve the amazingly long wayward shot! Twelve years later, in 1992, I visited the park and asked an employee about the event. He showed me a blonde dolphin, now retired from the shows, and said it must have been her who sent the ball whizzing that long distance. I also remember the 3-D movie theatre show located across AIA (featuring a flounder gigger that almost gigged you in the face!), and also a high-dive show from another visit around 1989 (also located across AIA on the intracoastal waterway side). Recently this year in 2009 I took a drive around the old place while visiting my parents in St. Augustine, and was remembering where the old sites were. These are fun memories, even though the old sites are no longer there. Douglas

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